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The Gulf is a lucrative region, brimming with government-funded locals but comprised almost entirely of wealthy, self-funded expatriates. Our events attract the highest quantity and quality of students from both demographics. ISN's Gulf Expos include the most efficient and thorough recruitment opportunities necessary to achieve the most immediate and substantial return on each institution's investment. Our network includes ambassadors, guidance counselors, scholarship heads, and visa officers. This market offers U.S.institutions a "win-win" situation, with an abundance of qualified applicants for both language schools that offer conditional admission, as well as for colleges and universities looking for students. The market is expanding rapidly, increasing its enrollments by 16% for the past academic year!

► Registration  Gulf Expo Fall Schedule
► Expo Calendar Amman, Jordan: September 20, 2014
Information Request Manama, Bahrain: September 22, 2014
 Postshow Reports (Pdf) Kuwait City, Kuwait: Septemeber 24, 2014
 Success Stories
Abu Dhabi, UAE: September 26, 2014
  Dubai, UAE: September 27, 2014
 Spring Expo  Doha, Qatar: Septemeber 30, 2014

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