About Us

Established in 1995, International Student Network (ISN) has achieved excellence in international student recruitment. Our Philadelphia-based company is recognized as one of the leading international student recruitment services in the world. In 2004, ISN earned the U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Award for contributing $10 million to the education export sector; ISN was honored with this award again in 2010. ISN continues to explore emerging markets around the world, to attract the brightest minds to U.S Institutions.

ISN supports the growth and development of international education and global student mobility. ISN introduces admissions teams from accredited US undergraduate, graduate, and language programs to the highest caliber of pre-qualified students. Each recruitment event is tailored to meet the needs of every exhibitor present, to ensure that their institution is well represented.

High school visits allow for institutions to meet and introduce their programs to prospective students who are in the early stages of planning their goals for higher education. High school visits provide opportunities to network with guidance counselors, which in turn will lay the ground work for future referrals.

Agent networking events bring together educators and thoroughly vetted, top-tier US Embassy sponsored agents. Agents allow institutions to travel beyond the event by promoting your school to their clients after meeting with you to discuss the school's initiative.

ISN's student fairs offer you the opportunity to introduce your institution to the finest international applicants. Student fairs are essential when recruiting because they allot time for meeting with prospective students and their families, which is fundamental for effective recruiting.