Africa Expo


Africa Expo

ISN Expo is hosting an education recruitment tour in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana! These countries have come to be some of the fastest-growing markets in the world in terms of international student recruitment. Last year, the U.S. embassy issued over 1,062 F1 student visas in South Africa, over 1,285 visas in Kenya, over 5,365 visas in Nigeria, over 1,494 visas in Ghana . These are the top countries in Africa sending students abroad. The USA is the leading destination the number of students studying abroad grew by 46% from 2013. Take advantage of this growing market, ISN Expo will be in Johannesburg, South Africa on December 7, Nairobi, Kenya on December 9, Lagos, Nigeria on December 11, and Accra, Ghana on December 12.

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