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Webinar Registration Form

ISN Student Recruitment Webinars are the most effective innovative approach to recruiting international students in 2020.

*2. Please let us know which ISN Student Recruitment Webinar you are registering for:
*3. Please let us know the region and specific date of the webinar that you are registering for: (i.e. South Asia, May 21 2020)
* 4. Payment Method: Credit Card/ ACH
Please note that ISN would no longer be accepting check payments, therefore the payment methods available are ACH deposit or credit card payment effective March 1, 2020. We will send you the secured payment link (for credit card payments) or ACH deposit instructions upon receiving this completed registration form.
* 5. Terms & Conditions:
1. Once this form has been submitted, your registration is final. No cancellation or refund policy since we will start preparing intensive marketing strategies for your webinar.

2. Please note that this form gives ISN Inc. permission to market information that you will be providing us such as your university name, logo, programs, testimonials, photos and videos to students, educators through different media outlets.

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