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Our events connect U.S. Universities and Colleges to top quality students in cities around the world. This results in more International student enrollment for our clients. Our events include visits to local schools, college student fairs, and agent workshops. This helps our clients increase enrollment with a single trip.
We limit the number of participating institutions to give you the opportunity to compete for talent without being overwhelmed by too many competing schools. Additionally, we balance out particular specialties, such as engineering and liberal arts at the events to maximize exposure for your institution. This makes it easier for parents and students to focus on their area of interest rather than being lost or confused by too many colleges and universities. Participation at the event includes: event space, high school visits, student events, on-ground transportation, regional airport transfers, agent events and access to the student and guidance counselor database of attendees.


  • “ISN fairs and school visits are well organized and effective, helping us to market our brand internationally. We have met many qualified students at their events. ISN have also helped us develop school, agency, and government connections in different countries around the world. We signed agreement with Intelligent partners UAE.”

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    Full Sail University
  • “I really like the ISN program both for content and diversity of participating institutions as well as the intimate nature of their tour groups. Students are adequately prepared to come an ask questions and there is general interest. Unlike some of the larger events, we are able to spend quality time with students and learn about their interests as well as share our unique aspects. The fact that ISN carefully selects participating institutions provides a nice balance between large and small, private and public and a wide variety of geographic locations throughout the US.”

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    California State University San Marcos
  • “Drury has entered into countless agent agreements and formed numerous partnerships with institutions as a direct result of recruiting consistently with ISN over the past 14 years. We have successfully broken into the market in  Doha and this was our biggest incoming population from a single country in 2013. Last year we recruited with ISN in India for the first time in over 5 years and saw a spike in our Indian applications and enrollment numbers due to the agreements we formed on this recruiting trip.”


    Drury University
  • This year alone Tennessee Tech University enrolled 2 students from UAE, 6 from Kuwait, 15 from China, 5 from Vietnam, 11 from Malaysia, 3 from Thailand, at the event(s). Our annual tuition including room, boarding and living expenses totals $27,700. We look forward to participating in the ISN Expo again next year.


    Tennessee Tech University

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