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Increase your student enrollment by participating in our in-person expos. Connect with interested students, high school visits, students fairs, and agent workshops in several regions across the globe.

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February 8 – February 15, 2024

Manama | Abu Dhabi | Dubai | Muscat | Doha


February 18 - February 25, 2024

Chennai | Delhi | Jaipur | Bangalore | Ahmedabad


April 10 - April 16, 2024

Buenos Aires | Santiago | Lima | Quito | Bogota


April 1 - April 6, 2024

Bangkok | Penang | Jakarta | Surabaya

Africa Expo

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Frequently Asked Questions

The students’ intended level of study varies by region. Please find below the breakdown for each region that we visit.


India – 30% undergraduate & 70% graduate


India is a graduate market where 70% of students are looking for graduate degrees while the other 30% are interested in undergraduate programs. Considering that, according to the State Department Nonimmigrant Visa Section, every year the US embassy and consulates in India issue over 80,000 F1 student visas, the country is a large market for both graduate and undergraduate programs.


Latin America – 70% undergraduate & 30% graduate


Gulf – 70% undergraduate & 30% graduate


The majority of the students attending the Gulf expos are expatriates’ students who are not sponsored by the local government and are looking to pursue higher education in the US after immediately after high school. Most of the students looking for graduate programs in the Gulf region are from the UAE.


Asia – 70% undergraduate & 30% graduate


In Asia, the majority of the students look for language programs before they enroll to their degree programs.


Africa – 30% undergraduate & 70% graduate

We will arrange two or three school visits per tour, depending on the cities that we are visiting. School visits are an added value to the recruitment services that we provide. Even though meeting with students is not guaranteed, we strive to make arrangements that include participation of as many students as possible. The visits sometimes include only a meeting with the school counselors, which is just as important for recruitment.

Depending on the city and the population size, the attendance ranges from 250 to 500 prospective students. Many of the students in foreign countries attend the event with their parents, who are the decision makers.

The events always take place at a hotel venue where each institution has its own table in order to display all their materials and speak with students and parents. Depending on the city, the duration of the event will vary between 2 and 4 hours.

We will reach out to all the educational institutions, private high schools, and language centers in each city prior to the event. We have social and digital marketing that includes digital banners, ads, email blasts, and more.

If you select our all-cities, the three or the two-city package, you need to arrange your own hotel accommodations and flights. However, we will send a travel package that includes recommended flights and hotels so that you can also stay with the group.


If you select our full package option, all regional flights and hotel accommodations are included. You will only have to book your international inbound flight to the first city of the tour and your outbound flight from the last city of the tour.

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