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Health and wellbeing of our exhibitors, as well as the students and parents who will attend our expos, are the top priority of ISN. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, ISN has created a strict precautionary measure to adapt and meet the new health and safety concerns. Some of the key points are:

    • Our event timings will be longer. Instead of having 3-hour event, we will have a 5-hour event (depending on the city) and limit the number of students inside the ballroom with great crowd management technologies.
    • Meeting layouts are organized in a way that reduces overcrowding of the area used.
    • Exhibitors will always be required to wear face masks and face shields during the expo. All students and parents attending will be required to wear face masks and face shields as well.
    • ISN pre-registers students on a specific time slot to avoid overcrowding and to ensure the low and smooth flow of crowd going in and out of the event hall.
    • A time slot with a maximum number of people is set up to split visitors throughout the day to minimize the transmission of infectious diseases.

To learn more or to receive the complete list of precautionary measures ISN is taking in preparation for our upcoming expos, please email us at expo@isnexpo.com


ISN offers colleges and universities around the world the chance to connect with well-qualified students today, to build reputations and networks to attract the top students of tomorrow. View below for more information about the tours:

Spring India Expo

India is projected to have the largest college-age population in the world by 2020. India is already bursting with financially…


Gulf Expo

ISN’s Gulf Expo attracts the best students from the Middle East region who are looking to meet with representatives from…


Asia Expo

All of the countries featured in ISN’s Asia Expos are ranked amongst either the Top Places of Origin by the Institute of…


Latin Expo

With events in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and more, college and university representatives will be sure to meet plenty of top-qualified…


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 ✔ Database of Student Attendees
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  • Student Fair
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Fall and Spring

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Fall and Spring

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Fall and Spring

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Our participating institutions range from large state schools, private colleges and universities, community colleges, trade schools, and language centers. We tailor our service to each client, yet strive to give all an experience beyond their expectations. In turn, they return to present at our shows year over year, developing a strong bond with our company.

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A Little About Us

ISN Expo

ISN events connect Universities and Colleges to top quality students in cities around the world. This results in more international student enrollment for our clients. Our events include visits to international high schools, student fairs, and agent workshops. This helps our clients increase enrollment with a single trip.

We limit the number of participating institutions to give you the opportunity to compete for talent without being overwhelmed by too many competing schools. Additionally, we balance out particular specialties, such as engineering and liberal arts at the events to maximize exposure for your institution. This makes it easier for parents and students to focus on their area of interest rather than being lost or confused by too many colleges and universities. Participation at the event includes: event space, high school visits, student events, on-ground transportation, regional airport transfers, agent events and access to the student and guidance counselor database of attendees.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are ISN events different from events offered by other organizations?

ISN provides a personalized experience to all participants. The tours are limited to 20 participants, so the groups are small and always led by a well-prepared and helpful tour leader. Participants will receive detailed information about travel arrangements, visas, and any special assistance they might need prior to the trip, so they can have a smooth travel to their destination. Ground transportation to and from the events is provided and a database of student fair attendees are included with standard registration. The evening events consist of education briefings with local education specialists, US embassy officials or visa consuls, and the opportunity to meet hundreds of families and students during the student fairs. ISN Tours are unique as they also include agent events in places where this practice is popular, such as India and Asia.

After the event, universities receive a complete database with all students who attended the evening fairs in each city during the tour, totaling hundreds of names for future contact.

Q. What is the schedule like?

In most cities we visit, exhibitors will attend morning high school visits at 2-3 private, international schools. In the evening, exhibitors will attend education briefings and student fairs. Student fairs offer exhibitors the chance to meet hundreds of students and their families face-to-face.

Since Asia and India are agent-driven markets, we also have agent expos in these regions.

Q. How many students participate in the fairs?

We visit four distinct cities in India. In each city, we usually see around 400 students. During the expos, exhibitors will meet and chat with about 25-35 agents per city.

In the Gulf region, ISN normally visits six cities and the fairs are attended by well over 800 students and families. Due to large population of expatriate families in these cities, universities meet a very diverse student population in these events, which provides a great opportunity for recruitment of students from various regions to their universities.

The cities we visit during our Asia tour vary from one season to the other. There are usually five stops on the tour, and the total number of students visiting the fairs can reach more than 800.

The Latin America Tour is one of the favorites among ISN’s clients. The vibrant culture in the cities we visit brings excitement to the tour participants and the families who visit from far. In Latin America, we usually visit six cities and see over 1200 students.

Q. How do we know students are serious about studying in the U.S.?

It is true that not all students are equally prepared or interested. However, 80 – 90% of them take the time to pre-register for the event which demonstrates their desire to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about US universities and how to study abroad. Many bring their academic documents and test results to look for the university that best fits their needs or can perhaps offer a conditional admission on the spot. Considering that not many of them have the possibility to contact American universities in person, all who attend value the time they spend at the event.

Q. How does ISN promote their event to students?

ISN hires marketing specialists in each city who work tirelessly to promote the events through local news outlets, social media, online advertising and other such ways. We also communicate with thousands of previous participants in each city by mass email and social media.

PR postings are sent to educational organizations and contacts at the US embassy and local media outlets.

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